The Center for Health Information and Analysis (CHIA) Innovative Website Design & Navigation

analyzing and making available to various stakeholders data on the healthcare in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Its audience ranges from policy makers, to healthcare insurers, providers, researchers and the general public seeking to understand how the Commonwealth performs in key
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Green Park Studios Fabric Customization eCommerce Site

Green Park Studios is a print-you-own fabric customization ecommerce site and designer community,  Polar Design built that shows an image preview of the fabric in addition to buttons and dropdowns to edit the customizable features. For example, as a user slides the scale, the image sc
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My Chocolate Coins E-Commerce Configurator

Custom e-commerce configurator
Online shopping is becoming increasingly personal these days. Users want control in the product they are buying. Welcome in our e-commerce configurators. My Chocolate Coins is just one of Polar Design’s custom e-commerce configurator projects allowing users to personally customi
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BCAT Logo and Website

BCAT Website Screenshot
Branding. Logo Design. Website Design. SilverStripe Content Management Solution. TelVue Integration. Social Media.
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My Chocolate Hearts E-Commerce Configurator

Personalization grows and grows in the online shopping world. And, Polar Design has the exact experience to help clients build out custom product configurators incorporated with a fast and custom e-commerce website experience that helps bring customers back for more customization. A f
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