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Date:November 05, 2013

AnniesBid.com Charity Auction Site

AnniesBid.com : Custom Auction Design and Development

Launched in 2011, AnniesBid.com is an auction design project that is among Polar Design’s most complex, ambitious and successful endeavors.  The auction site earns money for charities through a unique auction model – the “penny auction” – where bidders purchase bids in advance and place them on a variety of consumer electronics, home goods, gift cards and other items.  Each bid also allocates a small amount to whatever charity is connected to that auction.

Polar Design is responsible for all of AnniesBid.com’s branding, design, software development and integration needs.  Everything from the logo design and user interface design, to the robust back-end that provides the intense, real time auction timers, bidding, accurate accounting of charity donations, USPS shipping integration, fraud detection as well as other mission critical functionality.

Polar Design also conceived and implemented a unique pre-launch marketing campaign that relied on a contest and application in Facebook to attract potential bidders prior to launch to ensure that the site launched with sufficient bidders, competition and profit on its first day.

Since January 1, 2012, Polar Design also partnered with Anniesbid to support all operations of the site, from fulfillment to customer service to business development while the company ramps up to a level where it can hire full time staff.