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    Large engaging slider that invites visitors to take a journey in custom fabric design and printing.
  • The Fabric Design and Configurator Tool
    Fabric Design Configurator
    Upload your own illustrations or design, scale the size, set repeat patterns, choose fabric types and sizes.. and then place your order!
Client:Green Park Studios
Date:May 21, 2015

Green Park Studios Fabric Customization eCommerce Site

Green Park Studios is a print-you-own fabric customization ecommerce site and designer community,  Polar Design built that shows an image preview of the fabric in addition to buttons and dropdowns to edit the customizable features. For example, as a user slides the scale, the image scales as well – allowing users to see precisely what they are ordering.

One unique element of Green Park Studios is the designer community. Any users can register as a designer and upload their designs for sale, earning a 20% commission with each purchase. This encourages designers to tell their friends about the website and generate inexpensive, high-ROI referral traffic, which is always helpful for a new company. The fabric store, pictured left, shows the designs uploaded by designers available for purchase. When selected, they load into the configurator, allowing the user to customize fabric type and yards desired.

Green Park Studios is competitive on price and delivery time, which is due in part to the high-quality digital printer Lisa owns and operates. In order to assist with keeping turnaround time low, the orders need to be saved in a way that translates easily from the website CMS to the printer. Polar Design developed extensive image processing capabilities as part of the configurator to convert uploaded photos and images into print ready images, which allows for quick file transferring from the CMS to the digital printer.