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Client:My Chocolate Coins
Date:August 20, 2013

My Chocolate Coins E-Commerce Configurator

Online shopping is becoming increasingly personal these days. Users want control in the product they are buying. Welcome in our e-commerce configurators. My Chocolate Coins is just one of Polar Design’s custom e-commerce configurator projects allowing users to personally customize their products, and for this site users can customize chocolate coins.

Working with Polar Design, My Chocolate Coins needed a versatile system to handle the variety of configurators it needed as well as the wide range of customization envisioned for the project. From the website, users can choose three different product configurators–Chocolate Coin, Casino Chip Coin, Large Chocolate Coin–and then customize the coin from a range of variables:

  • Chocolate flavor
  • Foil color
  • Text
  • Font choice
  • Font size
  • Images (pre-loaded and user uploaded images)
  • Packaging

With the e-commerce configurator Polar Design created for My Chocolate Coins, the admin has the versatility to add different adjustable elements to the coin and to the packaging options if needed through a simple content management system backend.

The result is a smooth custom online experience giving users the opportunity to create chocolate favors for a number of special events in a person’s life: wedding, birthday, communion, corporate event, etc. And, if users enjoy their creation the first time, they can sign back into the website and re-create and re-order their creations with the click of button due to the functionality of account creation. Or, they can custom create chocolate hearts on My Chocolate Hearts website too!

If you want an e-commerce website that stands out from the rest and gives users what they want, contact our e-commerce website experts about our custom e-commerce configurator solutions.