A Message from Polar Design about the Coronavirus

Dear Friends and Clients,

We want to let you how the Polar Design team is responding to the new Coronavirus.  We are all working from home and practicing social distancing.  In fact, we started to limit social interaction during the 1st week of March by removing children from school and cutting back on attending meetings, parties, eating in restaurants – well before public health officials required it.  The Polar Design team is well.

We want to assure you that we are taking care of our own and our families’ safety and health.   We also want you to know that your secure portals and e-commerce web sites will continue to operate.  We are ready to assist with any urgent needs.

During this trying time, we are also conceiving and implementing new features to assist our clients meet new market and operational challenges.  For example, we’ve heard from a number of Taft Hartley / Multiemployer clients about the difficulties that they are starting to face providing customer service amid lockdowns. We are assisting our Taft-Hartley clients transition to remote work by developing a secure HIPAA chat application that integrates with their demographic data to allow self-authentication while proving numerous other tools.

Likewise, for our retail clients, we are assisting our retail clients shift their focus to developing online sales by deploying live sales chat tools that provide visibility into their customers purchasing and shopping cart contents in real time, which will help them use the free time they have to engage website visitors and increase sales to offset declines in their brick and more operations.

We know that this is a difficult time for many of your operationally, emotionally and financially.  We are here for you, even if to just talk.

Be safe, well and healthy!

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