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Community Media Platform : Core SaaS Solution

PEG / Community Media Website Management and Video Integration

  • This is our principal PEG / Community Media web site offering. It provides you access to the core, critical functionality needed to operate a PEG / Community Media web sites, such as content management, video playback and schedule system integration, a customizable theme for your web sites, reusable interactive widgets, training and launch support. You can also choose to add one or more add-on modules to provide additional functionality such as user registration and management, e-commerce, equipment scheduling and more. These modules are listed below.
    • Software as a Services (SaaS) solution includes Hosting, E-mail, Licensing, Core System Upgrades and Basic Support
    • Video Schedule Integration
    • Full Video Playback Integration
      • Automatic Creation of Site Pages from the Channel down to the Episode Level
      • Automatic Publication of Content from Playback System
      • Automatically Generate Navigation from Playback System
      • Eliminate Duplicate Entry of Video-related Content
      • Embedding of Video Player to Show Specific Episodes
      • Live Stream Integration
    • Predefined Customizable Home Page Template
      • Choice of Slider
      • Choice of Layouts for up to 3 Panels
      • Logo, Background Image, Fonts and other Styling choices
      • Widgets other other features
    • 14 Predefined Customizable Sub-Page Templates
      • Choice of One or Two Columns
      • 10 Predefined Widgets
    • Easy to Use SilverStripe Content Management Solution for Non-Technical Staff to Edit Content
    • Ready to Use Widgets and Modules
      • Photo Gallery
      • Twitter feed
      • Facebook feed
      • Blog / news RSS feed
      • Polls
    • SEO-Enabled Features
    • E-Mail Marketing List Sign-Up and Hook into Constant Contact, MailChimp, or Active Campaign
    • Customizable Forms
    • Site Search
    • Training for staff to use the Content Management Solution
    • Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools Setup
    • Web Site Testing and Implementation Support
  • Implementation Fee: $4,995.00
    Ongoing Monthly SAAS Price: $225.00 / month

Special Features and Additional Options

Check out the add-on features and functionality below that can help your website reach members and provide extra services.

Polar Design

Viewer Registration and Management

  • Enables your PEG / Community Media web site to provide user registration and login. This is used for login based features like e-commerce or micro blogging, but is also useful in tracking user activity or limiting access to certain content for certain users.
    • Registration Page to Create an Account
    • Video Schedule Integration
    • Login, Forgot Password, Log out
    • Tracking of User Form Submissions and consolidated reporting of submissions by individual users
    • Export User Records and Activity as CSV (Excel)
    • Enables Interactive Modules such as E-Commerce, which Require User Registration to Function
  • Implementation Fee: $995.00
    Requirements: Core CMP SaaS Solution
    Ongoing Monthly SAAS Price: $25.00 / month
Polar Design

Equipment and Facility Scheduling

  • Allows users to rent equipment or schedule studio time online through a scheduling system. Users can see which items are available on what dates via a calendar and make reservations through their website accounts.
    • Easily add equipment through the CMS or by uploading a CSV file
    • Members may browse all equipment, studio space, and other items that need to be reserved; filter equipment that is available
    • Members submit equipment requests through your site, including the types of equipment, facility, and even dependencies like staff/operators
    • Your staff approves requests and sets the reservation period
    • A visual calendar shows clearly when equipment or facilities are reserved, with reserved days displayed in a changed color
  • Implementation Fee: $995.00
    Requirements: Core CMP SaaS Solution, Viewer Registration and Management
    Ongoing Monthly SAAS Price: $25.00 / month

Polar Design

DVD Ordering

  • Allows site visitors to order DVDs of their favorite programming, with easy management of DVD offerings through an Excel upload. Orders can be made without requiring online payment, or this DVD module can be integrated with e-commerce.
    • Easily add DVDs directly to the CMS or by uploading a CSV file
    • Track customers and orders simply in the CMS
    • Locate DVDs in your library quickly with inventory location information
    • Permit customers to request free copies, to pay by check, or to pay online (this feature requires the E-Commerce module)
    • DVD search on the public site allows visitors to filter titles by the DVD episode title, topic and keywords
  • Implementation Fee: $995.00
    Requirements: Core CMP SaaS Solution, Viewer Registration and Management
    Ongoing Monthly SAAS Price: $25.00 / month
Polar Design


  • Enables online payment for a variety of products, including membership, DVD orders, equipment scheduling, and others. Orders are tracked in the easy-to-use CMS, and payments can be made via PayPal or credit card.
    • Full featured shopping cart with automatic shipping and tax calculation
    • Support wide range of e-commerce types: products (which includes DVD orders), services, memberships, rentals (which includes equipment, if applicable), digital goods
    • Process payment via PayPal, or accept credit cards with our payment partner, First Data
    • Track customers and orders
    • Track order status and automatically send customers notifications when items ship
  • Implementation Fee: $995.00
    Requirements: Core CMP SaaS Solution, Viewer Registration and Management
    Ongoing Monthly SAAS Price: $50.00 / month

Polar Design

Micro Blogging

  • Allows various users to create their own blog pages on the website – for example, program producers can blog about their particular program. This generates great SEO content, and your site is kept secure through user privilege management.
    • Creation of blogs associated with particular programs that program producers or other volunteers can manage
    • Registered members are assigned through the CMS back-ends
    • Management privileges include creating, editing and deleting blog posts; reviewing, approving or disapproving blog comments; customizing their program pages with anything from content to the addition of pre-approved widgets like quick polls or rotating banners
    • Restrict micro-blog managers’ access to other parts of the CMS and back-end to ensure overall site security and access only to their own program pages & blog
  • Implementation Fee: $995.00
    Requirements: Core CMP SaaS Solution, Viewer Registration and Management
    Ongoing Monthly SAAS Price: $25.00 / month
Polar Design

Class Scheduling

  • Enables class signups and scheduling for users registered on the website. The admin can add classes, set the schedule, and manage signups in the CMS, while users can view available classes via a calendar on the website.
    • Casily add classes directly through the CMS or by uploading a CSV file
    • Specify Class title, short and full description, instructor, start and end date, total sessions, session dates, topics / keywords, and size
    • Members may browse classes organized by categories, or filter by instructor, keyword, date range; members may also run a full text search against class descriptions
    • Classes will display icons indicating whether they are available for registration, nearly full, full, or closed to registration
    • A calendar display will show on which days of a month classes are scheduled
    • Your staff approves registrations, which are then recorded in the registration and management system (CRM)
    • Optional ability to accept payments for registration (this feature requires the E-Commerce module)
  • Implementation Fee: $995.00
    Requirements: Core CMP SaaS Solution, Viewer Registration and Management
    Ongoing Monthly SAAS Price: $50.00 / month

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