E-Commerce that Keeps Pace with Technology

You may define successful e-commerce as generating the most online sales growth, the lowest technology cost to achieve a certain level of sales, or the highest return on investment.  However you set your goal, you need to keep your eye on how changing technology can present new opportunities and threats.  Fortunately or unfortunately, the impact of shifting technology on results is glacial in speed. As a result, organizations may not realize that they haven’t caught on to a new paradigm until it’s too late.

That’s why working with an e-commerce agency like Polar Design provides valuable benefits.  A few examples:

  1. We’ve experienced a range of CMS and e-commerce products and have witnessed the dramatic difference that e-commerce product selections can have on sales.  For example, some products support SEO better than others, which impacts visitor traffic.  Some products sacrifice speed for functionality, which increases bounce rate and decreases conversion and sales.  All of these factors have tremendous influence on your sales and ROI on your marketing.
  2. We routinely monitor changes to Google’s algorithms or Facebook’s advertising policies since we actively support numerous clients and our own projects.  We’re ahead of the curve when seismic shifts like Penguin or the Facebook fan page layouts emerge and are better positioned to advise clients.
  3. We can afford to employ specialists, not jacks-of-all-trades, so all elements of our e-commerce solutions (design, technology, SEO, back-end integration) are implemented to the highest standards of quality and performance.


Regardless of your company’s product, service, size, or online history, the goal remains the same: sell as much of the product as possible at the best price possible while expending the least amount of cost in doing so.  The tricky thing is that the correct way to achieve that goal  is not usually available in a book or blog (once it is, the ship has likely sailed).  The right strategy is developed with your organization’s unique attributes and product benefits in mind, with the assistance of e-commerce experts that understand how design, technology and marketing opportunities are evolving for e-commerce.


Please review our portfolio of successful e-commerce sites below and contact us to help you develop a game plan for success.

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