• Camera Company Screenshot
    Attractive Website Redesign
    Polar Design provided custom design with custom editable homepage slider.
  • Camera Company Camera College
    E-Commerce + Event Calendar
    Event calendar allowing users to register and pay directly online, meaning higher conversion rates.
  • Camera Company Portfolio
    Online Portfolio Gallery
    Portfolio piece allowing client to showcase its expertise.

The Camera Company Website Redesign

The Camera Company, an established company providing media equipment solutions for many companies across New England, was in the midst of transitioning its online presence from retail to more service oriented messaging. The new website needed to communicate its message of superior service, unheralded experience, and complete solutions. Further, The Camera Company needed a solution that would be able to introduce its new Camera College, a series of seminars that users could register and pay for directly online in advance of the actual seminar date and training to be held at The Camera Company facilities.

Hiring Polar Design, The Camera Company received a flexible and interactive new website redesign that was able to handle all its requested functionality and more. In need of a superior content management system, Polar Design implemented the new attractive website redesign with SilverStripe 3.0, it’s newest CMS version at the time of development. The flexible SilverStripe CMS allowed Polar Design to build a number of modules to help The Camera Company achieve its requested functionality with a custom front end design, such as:

  • Interactive and fully editable homepage slider
  • A custom and combined Community Calendar and E-Commerce module allowing administrators to create events that users must register and pay for through Authorize.net integration
  • Custom online web forms to be used for:
    • Basic contact
    • Lead generation forms for The Camera Company’s many services (an important aspect allowing The Camera Company to promote its services further and generate leads as a result)
    • Career / Internship applications
  • Photo Gallery / Portfolio module to showcase and promote the high quality work of The Camera Company
  • Widget module allowing administrators to custom create different image advertisements and calls to action on any subpage, granting The Camera Company the flexibility to be able to dictate secondary messaging on all subpages

While The Camera Company needed website that could help it transition, Polar Design provided them with a flexible website solution that could transition with them as needed in the future.

If your company is in need of transitioning its online presence or in need of transitioning its brand messaging with a website redesign, contact Polar Design and our brand experts to help your company not only improve the communication of its message online, but in return improve its online presence, increase its website traffic, and ultimately bring in more online leads and sales for better, more cost effective ROI. If you are interested in seeing the SilverStripe CMS and its flexibility, contact us for a free demo!