• Mapping Your Future 3D Flash Intro
    Welcome to Tenalp
    A helpful hologram tells you everything you need to know.
  • Mapping Your Future Character Generation
    Choose Your Identity
    Let the system generate a character for you - regenerate if you don't like who you are.
  • Mapping Your Future Simulation Screen
    Tenalp City
    Visit each critical life area to make choices about your savings, investment, charity giving and spending for the year.
Client:Mapping Your Future
Date:October 10, 2012

“Show Me The Future” Financial Education Game

Polar Design illustrated its versatility in conception, design and development of financial education games utilizing a combination of interactive Flash Design and a custom .NET content management application.

Mapping Your Future, a non-profit that promote financial literacy for high school and college students, chose Polar Design through a rigorous RFP process to develop this educational simulation.  The game is a free web-based resource aimed at helping students plan for life-long financial success by learning at an early age to balance career, graduation and student debt.

The first of its kind, Polar Design produces much of this financial education game, including original artwork, game design, simulation “flow”, multimedia animation, and a custom .NET admin system that allows the site operates to make changes to many aspects of the game such as interest rates or available housing choices.