About Polar Design

A Short History…

Polar Design is a mid-sized, full-service interactive agency based in Boston.  Founded in 1999 as a website design company, we have grown to realize our mission of providing high quality, custom solutions to organizations’ online communications needs.  We have fourteen years experience designing marketing websites, designing e-commerce websites and configurators, and developing secure benefits portals.  Our cross-functional team of designers, developers and marketers comes together with their unique skills to provide exceptional work, and our tried and true processes ensure this happens in a guided, focused way.

Through our growth and evolution as an agency, we’ve observed how successful projects and online companies develop and the ingredients of their success.  Our mission – what we call crystallizing communication – is to perfect our clients’ messages to produce significant results.

Embedded With Our Clients

At Polar Design, we insist on working with clients to understand their strategy and help with execution.  This means getting to know our clients, their organizations and their mission closely to help us understand how their online communications needs to fit with other operations, from sales to new product development.

We See the Big Picture – Completely

We firmly believe that only a holistic approach to marketing can succeed – one that ensures technical, design, and marketing decisions fit together and are made interdependently.  Polar Design engages in strategy and execution because we know that practitioners are ultimately the best informed strategists.

Results are Our Deliverables

We deliver much more to our clients than web sites or software.  Our “product” is a higher return on investment for clients’ online communications, from marketing web sites, to secure portals, to e-commerce and social media projects.  That’s because we understand the big picture and how to make design, development, and marketing work together to complement one another (rather than negating each other).  At a time when every bit of additional margin helps, a results-oriented, ROI-focused approach by Polar Design is a solution worth counting on.


Being result oriented and providing a comprehensive team does not necessarily equal “expensive”. Depending on your goals, it might or might not.  We won’t sell you something at a higher cost that it’s worth because its outside of our ethics to deliver a solution that doesn’t deliver results.  Fortunately, we have invested thousands of hours of development to perfect e-commerce and software development tools and we’ve gained a lot of experience in the process.  That does shorten the time (and cost) to getting you more of the results you want per dollar you spend.  Our track record in achieving this is evident in our interactive case studies and portfolio, which we encourage you to review.


Learn More About Us

Call us, email us, or connect through social media. We'd love to talk to you about your unique online communication needs.

Why Polar Design?

  • Goal Driven, Result Oriented

    Many agencies speak of goals. However, goals deserve more than lip service when you are investing precious resources into your online communications. We want to ensure every project we take is successful, so we rarely accept projects where our clients are not willing to set goals for themselves and for us to measure that success. Our culture drives our obsession with goals and results, because our team rewards itself and drives itself based on project goals. The pursuit and achievement of objectives is a central part of Polar Design's DNA, since we apply the same principals of setting goals, measuring results, analyzing outcomes and identifying improvements to our company's processes. All of these reasons are why we consistently reach the goals we define, be it increasing sales for an e-commerce site by double digits, reducing custom service costs or eliminating IT expenses.
  • Full-Service

    We manage and understand all aspects of online communication, from branding and design, to software development, to IT. We execute complex projects and solve problems and faster with a team that has all the capabilities you require, in one place.
  • Great People

    We're good at finding creative, out-of-the box thinkers to join our team and prefer specialists in design, technology and marketing to generalists.
  • Cross-Functional Team

    Our team of 10 employees and freelancers is skilled in branding, online marketing, custom programming, multimedia, website design, social media, IT support and application hosting. Yes, this allows us to craft comprehensive online campaigns that deliver results or execute challenging portals and extranets. It also gives us the power to do much more for clients, from faster time to market by simplifying project management to higher quality project execution.
  • Experienced

    We've been around the block - more than twice. Founded in 1999, we've completed hundreds of projects for hundreds of clients, learning along the way what works in very specific situations.
  • Innovative

    Our innovative spirit and output increases year after year. We continuously ask ourselves, "how can we do this faster, better and in less time", and develop the necessary tools or updated process to improve our results. Our innovation is driven by applying the continual improvement we advocate in our work philosophy to ourselves.
  • Crystallizing Communication

    More than a tag line, this phrase expresses Polar Design's mission and client engagement philosophy. We work with clients to understand their goals, stimulate new ideas to reach those, and successfully implement those ideas in a manner that delivers high return on marketing investment.