Crystallizing Communication with Polar Design’s Online Best Practices

Successful online engagement requires many elements to come together.  You need to understand your mission, your audience’s desires, and the tools you need to achieve success.  Perhaps you already know these things – we’ll ask the right questions to be sure that you do.

Engaging your audience online is a fluid process. Tastes and technologies are changing at an accelerated rate, constantly redefining audience engagement on a day-to-day basis. Polar Design understands that successful engagement is all about fostering a good flow.  From ideas, to actions, to deliverables and results, online communication needs to move effortlessly to keep pace with change.

Eventually, all great ideas need to take form.  If they do so under poor conditions, success will not result.

Crystallizing Communications comprises four online best practices that Polar Design follows itself to keep pace with and even enjoy the frenetic pace of change in online communications.

  • Clarity

    Wipe the steam off your sunglasses, we're going for a hike. It begins with knowing who you and your organization are and strive to be, how you best serve your customers, and how to most easily reach them. Polar Design knows its easy to lose sight of these "obvious" facts, which is why we help clients document them in clear, comprehensive plans. That way, we never lose sight of the shortest path.
  • Transformation

    You've got a plan. Now you need a team - not just any team, but one you can trust. Polar Design has consistently found, hired and retained creative, savvy people that want to leave an impact with every project they work on. We're ready to see your goals as our own and wield our design, development and marketing talents for you in our joint ascent.
  • Iteration

    Online communications and marketing have evolved from "arts" to "sciences". Every element of your communications, from design to copy to targeting - even to product attributes - can and should be structured as an experiment to test assumptions. We then seek insights in the data through a mix of experience and analytical prowess. Insight informs further improvements and changes, and further experimentation. Through each iteration, your results and ROI only improve. Of course, this requires know-how, tools, analytical team members and the discipline to stick with it - all of which Polar Design brings in our ascent with you toward your goals.
  • Achievement

    What does reaching a goal look and feel like? Ascend to the summit and suddenly entirely new perspectives unfold in front of you. Achievement is a lifelong process that should continuously expand as you and your organization reach goals and learn your unique position in society or the economy. Each achievement is therefore a pleasure and a source of new knowledge. Realizing this, and knowing how to transform the insights from this into action is the essence of high performance online communications.

Do You Need to Crystallize Your Communication?

Ask yourself if you are satisfied with the results of your online initiatives. Regardless of the answer, a call or e-mail to us can only help.

Projects Made Successful by Crystallizing Communications