STEM Center USA : ReBranding for Kickstarter Success

STEM Center logo before and after

What can rebranding do for you?  Today’s ever changing world of online markets lends itself to great opportunity to spread an existing or start-up company’s message to a huge number of possible customers, cost effective, through social media and other digital marketing methods.  Your company’s success engaging, evangelizing or selling through any of those methods depends first and foremost on a good product or service.  However, after that, a memorable corporate image is essential for good name recognition and to help word of mouth.

Polar Design’s long standing client STEM Center USA teaches the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) skills through fun, education robot kits and an innovative, hands-on learning model.  Children K-12 accelerate their STEM learning through fun and exciting exercises whereby the build and program their own robots from a variety of kits.  To spread its curriculum and mission beyond its geographic reach in southern California, STEM Center USA recently launched a new product, Pi-Bot, through a succesful Kickstarter campaign that provides children a starter robotics kit at a fraction of the cost ($75) of other kits available on the market.

Through press events, videos, brochures, and its web site, STEM Center USA has benefited from a redesigned logo and overall image that is cleaner, crisper, and appreciated by children and adults.  The earlier logo and colors reflected STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) concepts, but the rebranded identity now presents a more playful and at the same time focused look that is memorable thanks to its contrast and clarity.  Bright blue and yellow colors carry youthful appeal, while the construction theme represents not only the underlying focus on STEM education but, through the construction imagery, also represents that education is always a work in progress.

The new website also supports the focus on parents and students, providing the ability to highlight student “creations” throughout the site to engage and excite children and their parents about the program’s possibilities.

And when it comes to crowd-funding, a clear image is even more critical.  From twitter mentions, Facebook posts, thank you emails and the like, its critical that a company or project’s image stands out in people’s minds.  For this reason, the rebranding has been an important in STEM Center USA’s successful Kickstarter campaign, which exceeded its campaign goal substantially and attracted significant online news magazines to profile Pi Bot such as Business Insider, TechMash and TechCrunch).

By balancing techy and accessibility, a professional and playful look, and by creating greater clarity and contrast through its identity, STEM Center USA is positioned for more success in the coming months and years.


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