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Ideas are as necessary for online communications as water is for life.  Unfortunately, neither flow in the right direction all the time: they can remain still and dark, or cascade chaotically from one form to another.  Ideas by themselves serve no one.  They aspire to greatness through clarification that allows transformation into something that achieves goals.

Over the past 14 years, our Boston e-commerce design agency and secure portal development firm, Polar Design, has evolved to help clients control the conditions under which their communication crystallizes.  Correct strategy, effective design, and powerful technology solutions are just the beginning.  Our creative team, process, web technologies and track record demonstrate that Polar Design is the agency to trust when crystallizing communication for website, portal or e-commerce design that delivers results.

Polar Design Service Specializations

We are an established, full-service agency with broad capabilities, but we are particularly well known for a few areas of focus:

Online Communication

Great results require great planning and execution. From strategy, to branding, to web or mobile site design, our award winning projects will turn heads. Then, rely on our marketers to obtain top page rankings in search engines or optimized PPC campaigns. Learn More

Portals and Extranets

Securely present information to and transact with stakeholders. Communicate challening topics effectively with unique interfaces like dashboards. Reduce costs by inviting more electronic interaction between stakeholders. Learn More.


Attract and engage more customers, and sell your physical or digital products to them more often and more frequently. That's what the value of Polar Design's award winning design, unique technologies and decade-plus know-how in e-commerce. Learn More.

Social Media

The right social media strategy attracts customers at a cost-per-customer less than 50% of the cost of online methods. Polar Design has the know-how, team and ready-to-go apps to help you achieve this objective. Learn More.

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