• Fall River Community Website Design
    Fall River Community Media
    Community media website design offering robust community features such as automatic Tightrope VOD integration and community calendars.
  • Fall River Community Media VOD Integration
    VOD Integration
    With Tightrope API integration, videos are automatically added to the CMS so users may view online.
  • Social Media Integration
    Getting Social
    Social media integration keeps Fall River connected with its users and allows users to share as well.

Fall River Community Media Website Design

Fall River Community Media (FRCM and https://frmedia.org) located in Fall River, MA needed to refresh its online presence as it was simultaneously refreshing its brand. Formerly known as Fall River Community Television, FRCM started a new beginning with newer equipment, newer messaging, newer technologies, newer brand, and therefore a newer custom website design. FRCM hired Polar Design to assist with its community media website design and development, bringing new community modules to the website as well for a stronger user experience.

Previously using Drupal as its content management system, Drupal wasn’t as sufficient to provide FRCM what it needed. Instead, Polar Design developed the community media website using the SilverStripe content management system, a robust, flexible and open source CMS with wide range of modules that can work with any front end custom design. As a result, FRCM now has the capability to easily add, edit, delete, and maintain all content and modules on its site such as:

  • Interactive homepage slider
    • Can feature embedded videos directly within the slider
  • Community Calendar and Events
  • Custom online web forms to be used for:
    • Basic contact
    • Studio reservations
    • Equipment rental
    • Bulletin Board announcement suggestion
    • Crew Call / Volunteer opportunities
    • Career / Internship applications
  • Photo Gallery to promote community events and virtual studio tours
  • Sidebar Widgets to allow flexibility for variety of graphic elements (advertisements), RSS feeds, schedules, and email sign up forms
  • Email integration through Constant Contact
  • Site search so users can find the content they want immediately
  • Videos on Demand Integration using Tightrope API
    • Features automatic video archiving pages as well
    • Integration also possible using YouTube and Vimeo
    • The Video on Demand Module also works with TelVue, as seen with NewTV’s PEG website design

While the amount and flexibility of the modules to work together makes FRCM staff lives easier, the automatic video on demand Tightrope integration allows FRCM staff to focus on more day-to-day activities while the videos for VOD automatically get added to the SilverStripe CMS automatically each weekend. With Polar Design’s development expertise with third party sources, Polar Design automated all video on demand content working with Tightrope’s API, successfully creating video pages for each video capable of being viewed on demand.

Finally, FRCM feels more connected than ever with its user base through the use of numerous social media integrations. Now, users may Like, Share, or Tweet specific videos and/or articles. Further, with use of the Facebook Comment plugin, users can engage with each other directly on the website over the programming that interests them the most. This, in turn, will then post to that user’s wall whenever they comment, sharing their experience socially through Facebook.

If you are in need of a community media website design or development, let Polar Design’s expertise and experience with public access station web design bring your station to the forefront in your community. See our other community media website design work and, if you’re ready, feel free to¬†contact us for a free demo!