• Skin care kiosk animated intro - box opening
    Intro Animation
    Simple yet captivating intro animation.
  • Skin care kiosk animated intro - product array
    Intro Animation
    Animation continues....
  • Skin care kiosk animated intro - product feature highlight
    Product Benefits
    Display key product attributes with targeted animations.
  • Skin care kiosk - select skin condition
    Skin Condition Self-Identification
    Shoppers report their skin conditions or desired improvements or needs.
  • Skin care kiosk - obtain product recommendation
    Product Recommendations
    The configurator makes personal recommendations of applicable products based on selected skin conditions.
  • Skin care kiosk - view product detail
    Product Detail
    Review details and photos of recommended products.
  • Skin care kiosk - localized French version
    Example of French interface.
Date:January 16, 2014

Prada Skin Care Interactive Kiosk

Personal Skin Care Recommendations from an Interactive Kiosk

This interactive skin care configurator ran as a kiosk application in Prada’s retail outlets, providing shoppers personalized skin care product recommendations based on their self-identified skin conditions.  Shoppers entered their particular conditions such as dryness, oiliness, sensitivity, and so forth, as well as any perceived needs such as anti-aging or UV protection.  The kiosk application would then present any relevant products.  Shoppers could then selected any items identified by the kiosk to view details and a close-up photo, and then purchase the product as well.

Polar Design later optimized the kiosk to include the ability for Shoppers to print their selections onto a special photo paper card and internationalized the interface to 6 additional languages, including Chinese, Japanese, French, and others.

The configrator’s design features a clean, minimalist look and feel with simple, fluid animations that fit Prada’s unique identity.