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Sevatec Website Redesign and CMS Integration

Sevatec, Inc, (https://www.sevatec.com), an agency providing quality IT security solutions for federal government agency’s most critical missions, needed to update its brand as its continued growth graduated it from small business to mid-tier business operations. As one of Virginia’s fastest growing company’s, Sevatec needed a web presence with a new custom website redesign to demonstrate its innovative and quality solutions. And, further, its previous website featured static web pages, meaning making updates to any page on the website was reserved only for technically-minded people.

That is when Sevatec contacted Polar Design to design fresh website (and logo design) and develop it using the SilverStripe content management system to help usher it into its new-found status as a mid-sized and growing federal IT contractor. Because of the flexibility and open-source nature of SilverStripe, Polar Design successfully integrated the custom website design look into the platform, now allowing any Sevatec admin of any technical background the ability to edit, add, delete, and maintain all pages on the website.  As a result, Sevatec now has the capability to easily add, edit, delete, and maintain all content and modules on its site such as:

  • Interactive homepage slider
  • Can feature embedded videos directly within the slider
  • Extensive job application process
  • Dynamically creates forms for open job positions
  • Blog / News Module to update site visitors with latest press releases
  • Sidebar Widgets to allow flexibility for variety of graphic elements (calls to action) and RSS feeds
  • Custom online web forms for other uses, such as basic contact or partner opportunities
  • Site search so users can find the content they want immediately


Mobile Website Design for Sevatec by Polar Design
In addition to a custom website design and logo design, Polar Design also created a mobile friendly landing page for Sevatec featuring the most important content available. Using the same SilverStripe backend, Sevatec can control the elements and content available on the mobile site as it does with the main desktop website. With the new website in place and with Polar Design’s website design and content management solution expertise, Sevatec now has the peace of mind knowing it has full control over its website content and pages as it looks to grow from mid-size to large federal IT contractor.

If your brand or website is in need of a refresher or if you need the ability to edit your website content from anywhere at any time, let Polar Design’s expertise and experience with custom website design and content management website integration bring your online presence a much needed modern face lift. Or,if you’re ready, feel free to contact us for a free demo!