Branding Strategies When Expanding Your Company

Your company is expanding; there’s a lot to think about. It’s easy to get caught up in management and finances and let your brand image fall to the wayside. However, maintaining strong marketing and branding strategies is crucial to keeping your business recognizable to both individuals and other companies. It is also a crucial way to reevaluate and recommit to your company’s core values.

Recently, our team worked with Lupoli Companies to help them reassess their strategy for the overall company and its subsidiaries. Polar Design created the sites for Lupoli Companies and Riverwalk Properties with the intent of enlivening their online presences. Lupoli Companies needed to clearly state the core values that have made all of their subsidiaries successful, as well as tie together each of the brands into the main company. Riverwalk Properties wanted to showcase their renovated business campus complete with amenities and unique architectural spaces. This needed to be achieved keeping in mind the fine balance between the Riverwalk brand and the overall Lupoli name.

Polar Design used its discovery and brand documentation process to assess the current state of the brands and move forward with a comprehensive website design and marketing strategy. To learn more about our redesign strategy for Lupoli Companies and Riverwalk Properties, read our case study about joint branding.

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