Series: New Marketing Strategies

Polar Design
The marketing imperative.  Each year, it gives birth to new buzzwords.  At Polar Design, we’ve witnessed quite a few marketing strategies rise and fall.  The following list is by no means perfect, but provides some perspective on how digital marketing has progressed in our 15 ye
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Branding Strategies When Expanding Your Company

Your company is expanding; there’s a lot to think about. It’s easy to get caught up in management and finances and let your brand image fall to the wayside. However, maintaining strong marketing and branding strategies is crucial to keeping your business recognizable to bo
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Top 8 Marketing Resolutions of 2013

New Years Fireworks
Marketing Goals for 2013 That Can Make A Difference The new year is well underway, but its still not too late to commit to some New Year’s marketing resolutions for 2013 that can lift your online marketing results this year and in future years. 1. Talk and Listen A new year̵
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Polar Design Website Redesign

Polar Design v. 4 web site portfolio
Have you heard the old saw about the skilled cobbler whose children always went barefoot, preoccupied as he was in plying his trade for others? This autumn, the team at Polar Design decided to lace up some new shoes. Let’s be clear: you would not want to hire a roofer that lives
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Cause Marketing : How Doing Good Increases Sales, Decreases CPA

AnniesBid Facebook App Landing Page
Until now, businesses have engaged in good works such as community service or charitable giving because its something their stakeholders value, because its part of their mission, or because of some vague tip of the hat to intangible benefits to a brand realized through charitable givi
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SEO and PPC Costs and Results Compared

Compare SEO and PPC Costs and Results
Results and costs of SEO vs PPC Comparison SEO and PPC are both important components of any marketing program.  SEO has the potential to drive traffic and sales leads at significantly less cost than PPC, but marketers often lack control over the results at a given time.  Pay-per-Click
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Real Estate Lead Costs Optimized with SEO, Design

Real Estate SEO Makes a Difference In 2007, HomeBin retained Polar Design to improve the cost per prospect of this sales tool with efforts ranging from redesign of the web site to a search engine marketing campaign. Both endeavors proved their success through measurable increases in v
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Cyclists Document 12,000 km Trek in Honor of Olympics with Polar

Pentacyle is an epic blog documenting an epic journey – a 7,000 mile (12,000 km) trek from Olympia, Greece to Beijing, China by fourteen cyclists of various nationalities in celebration of the venerated traditions of the Olympics.  From ideals of mind and body cultivation, as we
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