Cyclists Document 12,000 km Trek in Honor of Olympics with Polar

Pentacyle is an epic blog documenting an epic journey – a 7,000 mile (12,000 km) trek from Olympia, Greece to Beijing, China by fourteen cyclists of various nationalities in celebration of the venerated traditions of the Olympics. ¬†From ideals of mind and body cultivation, as well as peaceful competition through sport, the team of cyclists traversed 9 countries via the ancient silk road, their adventures documented by two of the participants, Vasilios Mesitides and Danae Tezapsidis, in a blog created by Polar Design: ¬†Polar Design is proud to have sponsored this team and their compatriots with our sports blog design that provided them a fast, easy way to document their journey from broadband connections in hotels to touch-and-go dial up in Internet cafe’s lost in the middle of central Asian deserts.

Please check out the blog to read about this amazing story and learn more in our news article about the blog.

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