Polar Design Website Redesign

Have you heard the old saw about the skilled cobbler whose children always went barefoot, preoccupied as he was in plying his trade for others?

This autumn, the team at Polar Design decided to lace up some new shoes.

Let’s be clear: you would not want to hire a roofer that lives in a house that’s falling apart any more than you would consider hiring a communications and technology company that isn’t capable of communicating effectively on the web… would you?  Let’s take it a step further – you wouldn’t hire a gardener that uses a scythe instead of a lawn mower, right?  Your best gauge of success for interactive agencies is, well, how well they interact and the tools they bring to the table.

That’s half the rationale behind our web site redesign or any website redesign for that matter.  What we considered vastly improved UI design and SEO is not only meant to bring us results, but to demonstrate that we’ll do the same for you.  Judge us (and hire us) based on what you see.  Because today, we (like you) are competing against 10X the number of web sites for a good position in Google as compared to when we first launched our business 14 years ago.  You might argue that there are also many more visitors looking for services online, but the dark side of that insight is that they do not want to spend a lot of time “getting to know you” through your website.

Great SEO, easy to use CMSes to manage sites, and excellent user interface design are more important than ever before – not just as a “best practices”, but as a differentiators between solutions that deliver phenomenal results and solutions that deliver almost nothing.

We’ve got more to say if you have time – please check out our longer, more detailed news article about our website redesign.


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