The growing importance of SEO for medium-tail phrases

London Harness Medium Tail Keyword Position Improvement due to Polar Design SEO
In the early days of search engines – essentially until 2005 – optimization for highly desirable two or three word keyphrases was relatively easy.  The right on page content, meta tags, and as many inbound links as you could obtain from link farms did the trick.  Those day
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Powerful Content Marketing for Community Media / PEG TV

Community Media centers, also referred to as Public Access or PEG TV stations face a critical era as “cord cutting” (the trend of cable TV subscribers to cancel their subscriptions in favor of viewing content online) continues.  Because Community Access / PEG TV stations p
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Community Media TV Blog Series Part 2: SEO

Our previous blog post in this series, and within the unique and specific context of a community media center’s online presence. First, a quick primer on SEO. How high a web site ranks in searches and how many different search terms cause a web site to appear in the results are direct
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Community Media TV Blog Series Part 1: Importance of On-Site VOD

Cord Cutting Trend
and chart to the right shows, community access stations’ cable viewership will continue to decline in the coming years, threatening both revenues and viewership. Community Media organizations need to embrace the new paradigm to stay relevant, to maintain their reach, and to open doors
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Series: New Marketing Strategies

Polar Design
The marketing imperative.  Each year, it gives birth to new buzzwords.  At Polar Design, we’ve witnessed quite a few marketing strategies rise and fall.  The following list is by no means perfect, but provides some perspective on how digital marketing has progressed in our 15 ye
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Are You Upgraded? SilverStripe 3.1 Adds New Features, Functionality

SilverStripe 3.1 split screen editing mode
Polar Design is excited to share the latest version of SilverStripe with you. Whether you are an existing client using SilverStripe 2.4, an organization considering a new web site from Polar Design, or using a different Content Management System, implementing SilverStripe 3.1 will bri
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Polar Design Website Redesign

Polar Design v. 4 web site portfolio
Have you heard the old saw about the skilled cobbler whose children always went barefoot, preoccupied as he was in plying his trade for others? This autumn, the team at Polar Design decided to lace up some new shoes. Let’s be clear: you would not want to hire a roofer that lives
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SEO and PPC Costs and Results Compared

Compare SEO and PPC Costs and Results
Results and costs of SEO vs PPC Comparison SEO and PPC are both important components of any marketing program.  SEO has the potential to drive traffic and sales leads at significantly less cost than PPC, but marketers often lack control over the results at a given time.  Pay-per-Click
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Real Estate Lead Costs Optimized with SEO, Design

Real Estate SEO Makes a Difference In 2007, HomeBin retained Polar Design to improve the cost per prospect of this sales tool with efforts ranging from redesign of the web site to a search engine marketing campaign. Both endeavors proved their success through measurable increases in v
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