The growing importance of SEO for medium-tail phrases

London Harness Medium Tail Keyword Position Improvement due to Polar Design SEO
In the early days of search engines – essentially until 2005 – optimization for highly desirable two or three word keyphrases was relatively easy.  The right on page content, meta tags, and as many inbound links as you could obtain from link farms did the trick.  Those day
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Preparing Websites and Campaigns for Google Enhanced Adwords

Desktop vs Mobile Advertising in Google Enhanced Adwords
Google Enhanced Adwords : Forcing Us to Grow Into Mobile? Earlier this year, Google Adwords’ blog announced a newly updated advertising platform : Google Enhanced Adwords, that will thoroughly revamp how advertisers create campaigns.  The goal is to allow advertisers to create s
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Top 8 Marketing Resolutions of 2013

New Years Fireworks
Marketing Goals for 2013 That Can Make A Difference The new year is well underway, but its still not too late to commit to some New Year’s marketing resolutions for 2013 that can lift your online marketing results this year and in future years. 1. Talk and Listen A new year̵
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Facebook Promoted Posts: Powerful if You Avoid Certain Pitfalls

I Want My Friends Back Facebook Promoted Posts Controversy
Facebook Promoted Posts Are Reshaping Social Media Advertising Since October, owners of Facebook pages, from community pages to company pages to fan pages alike have reported a dramatic drop in impressions (views) of posts.  If you’re an avid social media marketer, this is not n
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