• Marble Cleaning Products web site home page
    Redesigned Home Page Communicates Clearly
    Top product lines appear in an animated slider that catches visitors attention, while key facts and testimonials are called out below. A sparkling design as shiny as newly cleaned marble leaves a professional impression.

Marble Cleaning Products E-Commerce Site

What Does 70% Sales Growth at 50% ROI in Cleaning Products Look Like?

Marble Cleaning Products chose Polar Design to create a custom designed marble cleaning products e-commerce site as well as revamp their online marketing to increase sales while controlling advertising and marketing expenses.

Polar Design’s redesigned website dramatically improved in all metrics from bounce rate to conversion.  We tailored an online marketing campaign, including PPC campaign optimization and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that immediately realized double digit growth in sales.

Using the InsightBuilder ECOM e-commerce platform allowed Polar Design to implement virtually any design or layout and use code that is lightweight and efficient, leading to faster page load times and cart processing. Polar also implemented a search engine optimization plan, using a variety of techniques and optimized the company’s PPC campaign through a program of campaign testing.

Marble Cleaning Products E-commerce Results

Site traffic grew each month for the first 6 months after launch, users viewed an average of 3.28 pages per visit (compared to 2 prior to launch), and visitor to customer conversion increased from 1.1% to more than 2%.  All told, this increased sales 70% and resulted in an ROI greater than 50%.  Visit the e-commerce case study about the marble website to learn more.