Client:Beanstock Coffee
Date:September 30, 2012

Beanstock Coffee – Online Shop

Beanstock’s tag line, Coffee is Personal, expresses itself through its carefully selected and roasted blends… as well as the e-commerce web site that Polar Design developed.

Beanstocks’ unique, personalized coffee bags allow shoppers to order coffee blends with the names of their friends, companies, or family on the bag : a very cool gift for hard core coffee lovers that want to share some love with their favorite blends.

The e-commerce site that Polar Design developed for Beanstock permits easy ordering and fulfillment of personalized bags with our e-commerce technology platform, InsightBuilder(R) ECOM, that support product customization in e-commerce sites such as this.

Other notable features include the “Coffee Club”, where customers can setup repeat orders of coffee (with customers’ card numbers stored securely and automatically charged at the same interval as their desired ship dates); and last but not least, an interactive Flash presentation concepted and executed by Polar Design that attracts and educates visitors to Beanstock’s coffee personalization feature.