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Curious about our latest innovations and groundbreaking projects in interactive marketing?  Interested in knowing the latest technologies being applied  in portals or social media?  Look no further than this interactive marketing news section for updates on Polar Design’s online communications, portal design, e-commerce design and social media campaigns. Logo Partners with Polar Design to Expand and Revitalize Its City Guide for Boston

Feb 25, 2010 Since 1997, one of Boston’s worst kept secrets for residents or visitors has been an unassuming, modest, yet supremely useful guide: (www.s
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Businesses to Brighten Bleak Holiday Sales with

Dec 17, 2008 Woburn, MA (December 17, 2008) – Has your company profit slumped due to the recession, but you don’t feel you have the resources to revive sales? The
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Journey Away from the Credit Crunch with Kalahari’s New Tea Experience

Oct 29, 2008 Woburn, MA (October 29, 2008) – The re-launch of Kalahari Limited’s distinctive e-commerce web site,, comes just in time to help c
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Olympic Spirit Drives 14 Cyclists to Complete a 7,000 mile Journey

Woburn, MA (Friday, August 22, 2008) – Today marks the final chapter in the Pentacycle odyssey, a 7,000 mile (12,000 km) trek from Olympia, Greece to Beijing, China by fourtee
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