Home Page Slider
The website features a full-width slider on the home page.
Video Widget
The video widget allows users to find video based on genre as opposed to program or show name.
Equipment/Service Rentals
The Production Services page allows users to find equipment or services available for rent.
Equipment Scheduling
The equipment scheduling feature allows users to check the availability of equipment and schedule to rent them.

Polar Design Launches Community Access TV Website for Braintree Community Access and Media

Polar Design is pleased to announce the launch of its latest Community Access TV website, www.bcam.tv. The new BCAM website exceeds the standards set in the past for public access station websites with a clean, modern, fully-responsive design and numerous engaging features.

BCAM’s website integrates with a video import system for which our solution automatically retrieves new episode or program information from, stores it in the website database and populates that to BCAM’s website. This process allows BCAM to maintain a full-scale Video on Demand catalogue on their own website and domain with all of the corresponding SEO benefits while eliminating much of the site maintenance time that would be typically required of staff.

The equipment rental feature allows the community to check the availability of equipment, schedule to rent it, and easily pay through PayPal. BCAM staff are notified of rental requests and go through a process of approval. Read more about how the new site will continue to build engagement within the Braintree community while producing revenue for BCAM in our portfolio!