Braintree Community Access and Media (BCAM)

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the new Braintree Community Access and Media (BCAM) website. The Polar Design team developed this new Public Access TV website with a number of distinctive features that both look and function beautifully.

The new BCAM site goes above and beyond the standards set in the past for Public Access TV websites with a clean, fully-responsive (i.e., mobile) design and several unique features:

  • Seamless integration with video production equipment (Leightronix’ new VieBit Video on Demand platform)
    • allows all video content to reside at BCAM’s URL and in their database, providing unparalleled SEO and content reuse
    • eliminates staff time spent managing Video on Demand and schedule information
    • enables repurposing of video content as a class VOD catalogue or in a video widget
  • Unique cart-based Equipment, Facility and Staff Rental and Scheduling to streamline station management and generate additional revenue from rentals and production services
  • DVD Store with payment integration
  • Class Registrations
  • Micro-blogs associated with individual programs
  • Interactive video widget on most sub-pages lets visitors quickly find and play recent videos by topic / genre rather than channel or program / show name.
  • Email Integration with MailChimp


Like our other Community Access websites, BCAM’s website integrates with a scheduling and video import system, Leightronix and the new VieBit platform. Our solution automatically retrieves new episode or program information, stores it in the website database and populates that to BCAM’s own website. The process allows BCAM to maintain a robust VOD catalogue on their own site and web domain, with all the SEO and social media benefits that accrue to that, while eliminating much of the maintenance effort that would be normally required of staff to keep up such a website.

The equipment rental feature allows those within the community to see the availability of equipment, schedule to rent it, and easily pay through PayPal. BCAM staff are notified of rental requests and go through a process of approval.

Micro-blogging gives producers access to their personal blog and individual program pages via the SilverStripe CMS so they can add content and share updates related to their programs.

Social media integration is prevalent on this site; within the top menu, social media buttons for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Vimeo provide users with a quick way to connect with BCAM. The ability for staff to add Twitter or Facebook widgets on the subpages give users the ability to see updates in real-time and click to like or follow. Social media buttons are also integrated into the video player itself, making it easy for visitors to link to and share individual videos.

The new site will improve BCAM’s accessibility to younger populations with a modern, responsive design, assist in developing new revenue sources, and dramatically increase engagement with the community. Check it out!

“BCAM is excited about the launch of our new website.  It creates a great way for people inside and outside of Braintree to learn about us and interact with us.  The new video playback integration with VieBit saves us hours of work we used to do updating schedule or video information, and we’re very happy with the layout.  We believe it’s one of the more engaging web sites in the Public Access industry and look forward to seeing how it grows our audience.”

Wes Res
Executive Director, BCAM TV