CH4 Biogas

CH4 Biogas works with farmers and food processors to turn their animal and plant waste into combustible methane which is then combusted to provide green energy.  Its a unique, environmentally clean process that creates clean energy and jobs in rural areas from otherwise neglected byproducts of food production.

Despite its advanced process and benefit to communities, the company sported a somewhat low-tech image: a solid forest green design and a logo that communicated “chemistry” more than the totality of the brand and its value proposition.

First round of logos

First Round of logos for CH4 Biogas.

Polar Design tackled a logo redesign with the CH4 Biogas team by going through several rounds of logo designs that got more focused. The process started with Polar Design meeting with CH4 Biogas to really understand their business and brand. Polar Design came back to CH4 Biogas with three different logo ideas, each with several different variations. Each of these logo concepts took a unique viewpoint on the core parts of the CH4 brand – green energy, the science behind the process, and the advanced technology involved. From this presentation, CH4 Biogas chose their favorite concept, and Polar Design came back with twelve different variations from that concept. From the favorite among this group, CH4 Biogas selected their favorite logo that they now use.

The chosen logo design, and the conversations involved in that process, guided the website design upgrade, to improve the look and feel of the site to convey the same brand concepts. The process was similar for the design of the site as choosing the logo, with Polar Design presenting concepts and incorporating client feedback until the desired look and feel was produced. The site was then built with the SilverStripe content management system, giving CH4 Biogas control over all of the content on the site.

Polar Design has provided green energy website design services to a carbon credit trading portal startup as well as to local contractors involved in solar panel installations.  We’re happy to add CH4 Biogas to our list of green energy clients given its unique energy conversion process and positioning as a creator of opportunities for rural communities.