Captivating Multimedia

Concept and Story Development

Do you remember your first amazing multimedia experience?  Something that thrilled you and left an impression forever?  Perhaps it was an animated website in the early days of the Internet using Flash, or something even earlier like a memorable educational video in school or on television?

Great multimedia doesn’t depend on the platform, technology, or skill of the designers, animators, voiceover artists, and 3D graphics experts.  Sure, these things make a different in production quality, and Polar Design has years of expertise in that regard.  However, the real determinant in quality multimedia is a great story.  Online, for our clients, its much more – its a great story told in a way that  expresses what our clients’ have to offer in way that appeals to the audience they wish to target.  No easy feat!

Yet, we excel in telling stories over the years as evidenced by projects like Shell HomeGenie, a home automation tool.  The presentations begins with an animated intro stirring the imagination of the viewer to imagine themselves at home for a moment as they use the product to configure the right temperature after a cold ski strip or check on a beloved pet in the middle of a long meeting.

Skilled Production

Polar Design combines in-house project management and art direction talent embodied in our seasoned managers and our principals, with over fourteen years experience managing multimedia production for the web.  We works with numerous artists and animators, as well as voiceover artists and musicians from around the world that provide us a spectrum of skills, tastes and talents.  With our stable core production management team, we assure our clients of consistency quality and turnaround.  On the other hand, our wide range of available skilled visual and audio artists, animators and designers presents us with a rich palette of options by which to pricely color convincing multimedia works for clients.


Multimedia has been demonstrated in scientific studies to increase attention, retention and response to whatever messages is being communicated, be it for education or marketing.  The higher the quality of multimedia production, the better the results – compelling imagery, thoughtful copy and well fitting audio are ingredients in multimedia success. At Polar Design, we have 15 years of experience storyboarding and producing multimedia that excites, entertains, informs and converts.


Multimedia Projects

Multimedia Successes

HeartVentures communicates heart health online and on desktops with a heart health multimedia e-learning program on 9 CDs that was storyboarded, animated and produced by Polar Design.

Shell Homegenie, an earlier pioneer in home automation long before the world heard of "Nest" turned to Polar Design to produce an informative, educational and convincing multimedia demonstration of its home automation systems' capabilities.