Date:September 27, 2013

Shell Homegenie Consumer Presentation

This presentation presents a new home management tool, Shell’s HomeGenie, in a dynamic and informative way to capture viewers attention and explain how this unique product works.  Polar Design fully developed the presentation, from concept and storyboarding, to production of Flash animations, custom graphics and voiceovers.

The presentation begins with a cinematic, highly concept-oriented introduction that connects viewers with the emotion of using the new tool.  Viewers are treated to scenes like a skier on a ski slope increasing the temperature back home and, while doing so, being transported home in the process.  The objective is to make the viewer feel as though they are in the home itself.

Other key parts of the presentation include an animated walk through, modifiable slides that describe individual add-on components, a web site “simulator” and other features.

The presentation was created in HD format appropriate for trade show, live demonstrations, or kiosks, but Polar Design also created a web-optimized version that loads quickly by utilizing staged streaming of Flash elements.