IUOE 478 Launches Public and Secure Member Portal, Upgrading its Multi-Employer Benefits Communications

IUOE 478 is a Taft-Hartley fund that turned to Polar Design in 2009 to redesign its multi-employer benefits website for its members, employer and staff.  The previous web site was based tied to the company’s legacy benefits administration system that limited expansion to provide the functionality and level of design introduced by Polar Design to the multi-employer world.

The redesigned IOUE 478 benefit web site provide fund participants, employees and union employers with a single source of all benefit related information.  Participants, in particular, can log in to securely review their personal healthcare eligibility, supplemental unemployment, calculate pension and even review and sign up for training.  Participants can also transact with the fund, such obtaining any form needed to make updates to benefit information such as address, dependents, or other keep the fund informed of other life changes.

Besides improving the quality of information and the timeliness (members can access their personal web site 24 hours a day, 7 days per week), multi-employer benefits websites like the one Polar Design created for IUOE478 have tangible, financial benefits:

  1. Reduced customer service call center call load
  2. Reduced manual processing time with electronic forms that allow members to update and manage their personal information
  3. Reduced printing and postage costs for members that opt-in to receiving electronic communications
  4. Reduced manual labor, printing and postage that arises due to members’ contact information that is not kept up to date
  5. Improved financial performance through faster collection, if you choose to extend the project in the future with the business agent functionality
In fact, in less than one year after launch, with minimal promotion and fanfare, 22% of members had accessed the IUOE 478 website to view their personal benefits information, and approximately half of those were doing so regularly.
Read more about our full suite of multi-employer benefits website design services, from benefits portals to benefits election websites, or contact us to discuss your multi-employer project.


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