• Workers Compensation Insurance Broker Dashboard
    AIM Mutual Broker Dashboard
    Provides a high level overview of key data such as the number of policy holders, number of claims, etc.
  • Workers Compensation Insurance Policyholder Summary
    Policy Holder Summary
    Provides a summary of individual policy holders activity.
  • Workers Compensation Insurance Loss Run Report
    Loss Run Report
    A running report of worker's comp losses.
  • Workers Compensation Insurance Injury Report
    Policy Injury Report
    A report of injuries sustained classified by type of injury and other attributes.
Client:AIM Mutual Insurance
Date:October 09, 2012

AIM Mutual Insurance Broker Portal

AIM Mutual Insurance needed a way to reduce hundreds of thousands of dollars in printing and postage costs keeping its broker network informed with regularly distributed (mailed) loss-run, injury and other reports related to workers comp.

Leveraging the experience and technology that we developed constructing multi-employer benefit websites, Polar Design created a secure worker’s compensation insurance broker portal allowing brokers and AIM staff to log in to view and print locally on their office printers the same reports that had been mailed out on a regular basis.

The cost of the solution amounted to a year of paper and postage costs as reported at project start, which meant the project realized break-even 18 months after implementation.