NorthTV Media Public Access TV Website

The NorthTV Media center chose Polar Design’s Community Media Platform ASP solution to provide video on demand, streaming video, and a revolutionary pay per view functionality (for the Public Access TV industry).  Our Community Media Platform (CMP) integrates with a number of leading video playout systems like NorthTV’s solution, Tightrope.  CMP imports video meta data from the Tightrope API, normalizes it and provides it to the website to create VOD channel, program and episode pages.

The web site features a clean, modern design that is also responsive (stretches perfect in size between mobile, table and desktop screen sizes).  Each program and episode has its own page, which means enhanced Search Engine Optimization.


Pay Per View / Paywall

New to Public Access TV or Community Media Center websites, the NorthTV website has a pay per view capability that offers visitors the opportunity to view content after paying for access.  Options include a one day pass or a monthly subscription.  Visitors with existing cable subscriptions in NorthTV’s coverage area – North Attleboro and Plainville, MA – can as an alternative upload a cable bill in the shopping cart and get free access.

NorthTV can choose which videos require PPV and thus display a paywall.  NorthTV can configure set the “free” time that a visitor has to view before the paywall.  After that time elapses for a view, a pop-up appears giving viewers the option of logging in or creating account (where they will be able to pay for access or upload a local cable bill).