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Web design means many things to many different people.  Web design can mean a creation of simple WordPress websites for small businesses, or it can mean development of sophisticated, custom programmed web sites with unique features.  Polar Design’s capabilities and structure as a company allows it to offer simple solutions affordably while executive complex web design projects magnificently.  For a presentation of Polar Design’s capabilities in custom development, e-commerce, portal design and other types of web design, please visit the corresponding pages.

Value in Specialization

isted below are some examples of our most commonly requested web design solutions: bread-and-butter marketing web sites for small to medium sized businesses.  Polar Design is very comfortable and experienced with such sites, having built hundreds since 1999, many of which have won awards and improved clients sales.  That is because we develop sites with cross-functional teams (not jacks of all trades) where each team member has honed their skills over many years in design, marketing or development.  Since a web site’s success depends on attractive design, well planned SEO and solid coding, you want your web site to be the best it can in all three dimensions, and not just one.

Careful and Caring

We won’t jump right to work with one eye on Photoshop and one eye on the clock.  Even if you choose one of our packaged solutions, we will still take time to get to know you and your company, as well as its unique challenges and needs.  With our philosophy of Crystallizing Communication, we nurture each project from conception to completion.  Our senior managers also provide art direction, marketing strategy and concept development so that your project comes together.

Great Team and Process

  1. Team leaders with cross-functional experience coordinate your project
  2. We take time to find and retain highly talented individuals with our rigorous process for vetting employees
  3. Designers work side by side with coders and SEO specialists so communication is quick and different specialties work together seamlessly
  4. We utilize the latest technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3
  5. We start with the architecture before the construction: we take time to understand you and your organization, present unique ideas and document everything prior to starting work so that the final product is close to your expectations and what you need to reach your goals



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