Utility Marketing Part 1: The Big Idea behind Mass Big Data

Mass Big Data's Interactive Jobs Map
Utility Marketing (n.)—Utility Marketing is a strategy to attract customers by providing them tools or online experiences that answer a need or solve an issue, while aligning your brand with them through shared affinity or values. This is the first part in a multi-series of posts abou
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Government Websites Improve Online Communication and Data Sharing

The relationship between government agencies and the public is changing rapidly due to the availability and ease of access to big data. With a growing online presence, government agencies are able to connect with citizens, businesses, and the public in new and meaningful ways. Online
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The Mass Big Data Award Winning Interactive Website Promotes Big Data in Massachusetts

Mass Big Data Wins Best Of Government Websites
Polar Design announced today that a project it has worked on with the Mass. Technology Collaborative and Gopi Bala LLC, won the Best of Category award for Government Web Sites in Horizon Interactive’s 12th annual international award competition. The project is significant in many ways
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